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The Roosevelt Tape: The Radio Show Where “Good Friends Recommend Good Music”
“There’s so much good music out that if you’re complaining about artists sounding the same, then the problem isn’t the music, it’s your ability to…
- Brianna Meighan

“There’s so much good music out that if you’re complaining about artists sounding the same, then the problem isn’t the music, it’s your ability to find it.” – @ericlarokk

Can all of our music lovers get an ‘AMEN’!?

The words of this tweet ring true in the heart and mind of the music enthusiasts, particularly Natasha Castles, local radio host and music lover. Castles has been a prominent voice of Phoenix’s radio for nearly a decade and can be heard hosting “The Castles Show” weekday afternoons from 2:00p – 7:00p on LIVE 101.5. 

Though keeping the party pumping with the latest pop and top 40 jams is Castles primary day job,  Castles can also be heard on her weekly evening show, The Roosevelt Tape, every Sunday night on LIVE 101.5 with co-host B. where “Good Friends Recommend Good Music” is the motto.


The Roosevelt Tape

The show is a progressive music show for the R&B-soul music lover with an alternative electro funk, and hip hop twist. As The Roosevelt Tape now nears its one year anniversary, Castles recalls the two years of planning and anticipating the launch of The Roosevelt Tape as being a long journey, but also one she believes to have been well worth it as The Roosevelt Tape is her absolute pride and joy.

“Every Sunday night we switch up the vibe for you. This isn’t your standard Top 40 song selections – you get a little bit of everything: Snoh Aalegra, Tame Impala, Anderson Paak, Boogie, and the list goes on.” This is no exaggeration! 

The duo curate specially crafted set lists each Sunday evening that take listeners on a transient journey of the newest R&B and soul singles. Rotating cuts from favorite albums of the past, and the occasional showcase of very talented local artists. 

In addition, listeners can tune in to in-depth and reflective conversations about the context, production, and back-story of the songs that resonate in a segment called “Lyrics That Resonate” each Sunday. There’s also the “The Roosevelt Tape Threeway” segment that showcases a new album and Castles and B.’s favorite tracks from that particular album.

“Each Sunday is special… And quite honestly, very different from the last”, explains B, “You may get a few of the same songs, usually the ones we’re really feeling at the time or a few show-long favorites, but the amount of new sounds that we come across each week allow us to create unique set-lists every show.”

Amidst all of The Roosevelt Tape’s unique and trailblazing music/radio innovation the show is set to host a series of events around the valley to provide this same live, local & unique sense of discovery for their audience – in real time. The series of events are umbrella’d under the moniker of “Red Theory: A Roosevelt Tape Pop-Up Series”. 


Red Theory

The series of events being titled “Red Theory” comes as a no brainer to Castles, “Red represents so many things- light, energy, love… a whole laundry list of things!”

She explains how red even sets the tone of the show in real time, “Every show we dim all our studio lights and use lamps with red bulbs to create a genuine-vibey aesthetic that we believe allows us to almost sink into the sounds as music blasts from our stereos – IT’S THE BEST”.

good music The first installation of the Red Theory Pop-Up Series takes place on March 14th at Valley Bar in Downtown Phoenix. Along with this being the debut of the Red Theory pop-up series, The Roosevelt Tape will also be celebrating its one year anniversary on the Phoenix air waves. “We wanted to commemorate this milestone with a party as well as the launch of the #RedTheory Pop-Up Series… We’re throwing a party and taking over Valley Bar in Downtown Phoenix with our pals, DJ Abby De La Rosa and DJ Joey T. I’m so proud to bring this vision to life.” explains Castles. 

The Roosevelt Tape also prides themselves on the creation of quality content and relationships with the artists they love the most, local and otherwise. “We both come into this first and foremost with a passion for good music- right up there with that is a love for people and the stories that they share or create with good music,” shares B, “The person who sings your favorite song is a real person- we want to KNOW this person. What makes them the artist they are, where they ultimately want to go with their craft, what their favorite midnight snack is… all of that. Real person-to-real person.” 

This reigns true throughout The Roosevelt Tape interviews as  Castles and B are often asking the nitty gritty questions while also keeping it light. They play a singing game called “Directions to R&B” where the featured artist is asked to sing the directions of an everyday item to the tune of a classic R&B Hit.

So whether you’re an intensely passionate music lover, local artist supporter, or someone who’s craving the taste of new sounds- The Roosevelt Tape may be the space to explore as you embark on your musical path.

Where to find more:


Websitegood music

For more info on Red Theory click here!


For all of the latest content, interviews, and local artist showcases, check out The Roosevelt Tape Youtube Channel.

Check out the Directions to R&B the duo conducted with R&B artists, writer, and producer Eric Bellinger HERE.

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