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The Newest Shoes for 2020 That You Will Want to Wear
If there is anything a sneaker head cannot get enough of, it is sneakers. Most of us prefer sneakers to the formal-oriented shoes because they…
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If there is anything a sneaker head cannot get enough of, it is sneakers. Most of us prefer sneakers to the formal-oriented shoes because they are perfect for any activity outside formal settings. And some of us would don sneakers for any event anywhere. Whether you are out jogging down the walkway or strolling in the city, nothing feels appropriate on your feet like a pair of snuggly and bouncy sneakers.

Just like summer, there are always new sneakers for every year. If you would scour through spring/summer 2020 fashion month, you would conclude that 2020 is going to be a year of cool sneaker trends. Some of those trends are extensions of 2019 trends.

Let’s have a glance at some of the hottest sneaker trends in store for us:


Travis Scott/Nike Air Max 270 React

Retail Price: To be confirmed

This shoe hasn’t hit the shelves yet but, judging from the leaked photos, it is easy to tell it will be remarkably different from what we are used to getting from Nike. The upper part is flipped with a retro wave pattern that joins a slightly raised golden sole and midsole. The materials of construction include mesh and suede with a new style of toggle laces. Our fingers are crossed.


Nike Tailwind ‘79


NikeTailwind '79


Retail Price: $90

Nike Tailwind ’79 is one of very few sneakers, in a very long time, to come with a historical touch. These sneakers first broke to the scene in 1978 during the Honolulu Marathon. As such, it comes with that classic look and retro beauty that most sneaker collectors and aficionados would love. It is worth mentioning that Nike AirTailwind was the first shoe to feature the famed ‘Air’ cushioning technology, a revolutionary feature that made it a champion.


Nike Undercover React Presto

Retail Price: $180

This might end to be the best React Presto ever, we’ll see at the end of the year. For now, we can only marvel at its chunky sole which comfortably balances its visual heft and looks. It comes in three colors: all white, black and “mahogany” (there isn’t a big difference between the last two to a discerning sneakerhead). If you are a fan of Jun Takahashi’s captivating designs then you’ve probably made plans to buy a pair of these sneakers.

Nike Air Max 270 React – Bauhaus

Retail Price: $150

Bauhaus is yet another stylish member of the extended Nike’s Air Max 270 family. Nike’s Air Max 270 was launched in 2019 and proved to be an instant success, thanks to the futuristic design and new perfect combo of colors. However, they may have noticed many sneakerheads didn’t jump on board, so they decided to unleash Bauhaus.

A close examination of Bauhaus will make it apparent to you that the shoe comes with the ultra-springy sole of React. What makes it be even more likable is its two retro-inspired colorways which could end to be the best color palettes of 2020, for sure.


Adidas White Mountaineering LXCON


The Newest Shoes for 2020 That You Will Want to Wear


Retail Price: $220

It is safe to conclude that LXCON is today’s riff of the reminiscent Lexicon from the 1990s. It features a robust and bulky design with a frontal tip that is a bit more pointed than its traditional. Although it is marketed as a mountaineering shoe, the sole isn’t as rugged as any hard-going mountaineer would want it to be. But it’s still massive and snuggly enough to qualify as an impressive sneaker. However, a lot of buyers could have a lot to think about the price tag which makes the shoes appear a bit overpriced.

Air Jordan 4 – Black Cat

Retail Price: $190

Black Cat is set to be released at any time before the spring. It is hard to comprehend that the Black Cat colorway that previously featured on Air Jordan 4 will be retroed again for the first time since 2006. It is going to be a beautiful comeback that has been long overdue.

Dior Air Jordan I

Retail Price: $2000

There is a strong chance you have already heard a detail or two about this heavily hyped pair of sneakers. It is arguably Kim Jones, a designer from Dior, grandest latest achievement. Designed and produced in Italy, it comes with Dior’s traditional oblique pattern emblazoned on the Swoosh. Plenty of other impressive details are on board, including a concealed Dior-stamped footbed. When it rolls out, only 1000 pairs will be made available in select-few Dior stores across the world. The price tag of $2000 qualifies it to be a new addition in your shoes collection.

Tom Sachs/ Nike Mars Yard 2

Retail Price: To be confirmed

These sneakers were first released in 2012 as limited edition Tom Sachs/Nike Mars Yard 1. The initial version was made from NASA-approved Vectran fiber. A silhouette of the pioneer was briefly released in 2017 with a practical mesh base. As rare as they were, Nike only released them via Space Camp demonstrations. The show went down to be one of the most memorable sneaker collaborations in the recent past. Now the leaks indicate similar shoes will be available before spring. We will wait.

Adidas Pharrell Williams Runner ‘Tech Olive’ 4D

Retail Price: $400

The only new feature on this, which is remarkable, is Adidas’s own 4D midsole technology. The shoe is tuned cushioning – you can run on fine gravel and water pools without soaking your soles or feeling the fine pebbles on the ground. If you are looking for perfect trainers for your athletic activities in 2020, you might want to try out this pair of sneakers.

Last words

Apparently, Nike has more in store for us than any other sneaker. This is not a surprise – Nike is the leader in this line of sporting accessories and equipment. Whether you would choose Nike Undercover React Presto or Air Jordan 4 – Black Cat, it all boils down to functionality and cost, two factors on which most Nike sneakers won’t disappoint. If you are the nostalgic type who would prefer classic sneakers then you might want to try out Nike Tailwind ’79. Other manufacturers like Adidas have several new shoes in the pipeline, like the Adidas Pharrell William Runner ‘Tech Olive’ 4D. Put simply, if you’re a sneakerhead, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2020.



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