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Luciano Cota to Star in Upcoming Short Film ‘Sweet Bread’
Luciano Cota is an influencer and promoter in Arizona and a leading partner with the promotion company Surge Nights, owned by Sergio Norzagaray. Cota, 28…
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Luciano Cota is an influencer and promoter in Arizona and a leading partner with the promotion company Surge Nights, owned by Sergio “Surge” Norzagaray. Cota, 28 years old, hosts events at Club Luxx, The Monarch, and Bar Smith in Phoenix.

Cota has been instrumental in the success of Surge Nights and plays a key role in expanding the brand. Along with hosting great events with great beverage deals, Surge Nights also aims to diversify nightlife in the Greater Phoenix Area and is now a leading name in the Urban Latino Branding, Marketing and Entertainment. 

With a strong influencer presence and being known throughout the state, Surge Nights seeks to manage and host events in the Valley offering the best atmosphere and ambiance to add to the rich nightlife scene in the area. After 13 years in business doing weekly events at multiple venues across the Valley, Surge Nights has become one of the most trusted names in the nightlife scene and developed some of the most loyal customers.

For his work with Surge Nights, Cota hosts a number of events at clubs in Phoenix such as Legendary Fridays at Luxx, Hot Sauce Thursdays at Bar Smith, and Surge Saturdays at The Monarch. With nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram, he is a social media influencer and is best known for his ‘Who Hurt You’ movement.


Central to Cota’s brand is ‘Who Hurt You,’ an online movement he began two years ago during the summer of 2018. The movement itself is meant to be a response to negativity in life. Rather than waste valuable time and energy on your detractors, Cota simply responds with “who hurt you?” Since then the phrase has become a rapid response to hate and negativity and has evolved into its own brand. From it, Cota has released his own clothing line, producing apparel with the phrase printed across it. The line is in partnership with Big Cartel, an independent online clothing company. Featured apparel includes hoodies, crewnecks, beanies, as well as ‘dad hats’ and phone cases. 

Luciano Cota

During the first year, the clothing line relied purely on word of mouth and social media. Now however, it has grown to the point of getting its own website. In two years time, Cota has sold more than 4,000 shirts. His brand has even been sported by other famous social media influencers such as Salice Rose and Tonio Skits. In 2018, Cota partnered with Latn Bad Boyz Modeling to produce a 12 month calendar. As a part of his partnership with them, the group published Cota’s weekly ‘Who Hurt You’ videos on their Facebook.


In addition his work with Surge Nights and his other ventures like Who Hurt You, Cota is now also getting involved in the film scene. On February 6th the independent production studio Baby House Films, started three years ago, will premiere its first feature film entitled Sweet Bread. The movie features Cota in a starring role and will be released at Harkins Gateway Pavilion 18 on W McDowell Rd, in Avondale.

The title, Sweet Bread, is inspired by the culture around Pan Dulce, a popular Mexican pastry that is consumed throughout Mexico and the Southwest. It was initially influenced by the French and Spaniards and since has become a cultural staple in Mexican and Hispanic communities, particularly here in Arizona.

The zero-budget film chronicles the story of two people on a first date. As they spend the day together the two decide to make their way to purchase some fresh pan dulce from the local panaderia. However, just as they think their date night is going well, a violent cartel member enters the picture, turning their romantic evening into a nightmare. The film is the first of many to come from local filmmaker Albert Garcia Beltran. Be sure to catch Luciano Cota in the film when it premieres on the 6th.



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