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Streetwear and How It Has Changed the Fashion Industry
Everyone loves fashion, or at least if not everyone, a high percentage of people across the globe are in fashion. However, fashion trends change day…
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Everyone loves fashion, or at least if not everyone, a high percentage of people across the globe are in fashion. However, fashion trends change day after day, and many enthusiasts strive to move with the trends. Are you looking for a casual, comfortable style that is trending and will leave you looking fabulous? Then it would be best if you considered streetwear. Many people have had the assumption that streetwear is only for teenagers, which is not the case. Streetwear is a new phenomenon that has take the fashion world by storm, making a huge impact on its culture.

What is streetwear


Men's Streetwear


Streetwear is a style of casual dressing that centers comfortable, casual pieces like T-shirts, sneakers, hoodies, jeans, baseball caps, and more. It got its inspiration from several different scenes within the fashion world such as the New York hip hop fashion and the surf skate culture from California. In the 1990s, streetwear developed a global presence.


Types of streetwear


These days, streetwear is becoming increasingly prominent in popular culture. Many different styles of clothes fall under the umbrella term ‘streetwear.’ These different styles also vary in different countries across the globe. For instance, streetwear in London may differ significantly from the streetwear in Tokyo. Here are some of the different types of streetwear.


This particular wear was made popular by the culture of skateboarders across the globe. It originates back in California, which is the state where the culture of skate was born. Staple features within this sub-wear include items such as baseball hats, beanies, flannels, skate sneakers, and wide-leg shorts. Various brands have these styles, that is, Vans, Stussy, and Tilly’s.


This is a style that focuses on functionality and style. It takes pieces such as cargo pants and military vests and styles them using luxe fabrics. You can find these wears from brands such as Adidas and Nike.


This is a style that is mainly promoted by celebrities. There are several brands of Hypebeasts, such as Prada, Balenciaga, Supreme, and Gucci.


It is casual athletic wear that is worn in a lifestyle sense. It consists of attires such as running sneakers, twill joggers, hoodies, tapered sweatpants, and other athletic accessories. In the past couple years two huge staples of the Athleisure style have emerged; chunky sneakers and biker shorts. This style has been popularized by celebrities such as the Kardashians and Jenners, Hailey Bieber, and others. Brands from Balenciaga to Fashion Nova have all catered to this particular style.




How streetwear has transformed the fashion industry


One of the industries that are well-known for accommodating new ideas is the fashion industry. Every day, designers across the world come up with new brilliant designs. Most of the designs last for a few months or years and then lose the market. However, streetwear is a style that seems not to be losing market. Instead, every day it is gaining popularity. A style that many regarded as unfit for fashion have risen to lead and be a hot cake in the fashion industry. Some of the things that have seen streetwear boom in the fashion industry are:


The ascendancy forces

A few decades ago, streetwear was taken to be fit only for teenagers who are rebels. Many, especially in America, wore streetwear as a representation of their background and culture. It has now gained power in the fashion industry. As a result, big brands have provided space for streetwear in their industry, for example, Louis Vuitton.


Influence by celebrities

Streetwear is a style of dressing that has been adopted mainly by great celebrities. You will see most of these big stars such as Justin Beiber, Kanye West, among many others, dressed in streetwear. As a result, there has been an increased demand for these streetwear clothing. Big brands such as Supreme, have invested in streetwear fashion. These brands are using the power of social media to promote and influence the streetwear style.


Celebrity streetwear



Investment opportunities

Many brands are investing in drawing young people to be their customers. Streetwear is a style that is becoming popular among youngsters. Therefore, brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborated to produce backpacks, hoodies, jackets, T-shirts, and sneakers.


Streetwear is currently the hottest craze

At the moment, streetwear seems to be the hottest trend in the fashion industry. Many other fashion trends may be impossible to keep up with the changing times. Today you may have a hot and stylish design, and tomorrow another design comes up overruling the previous one. In other circumstances, a design that went away many years ago could find itself at the top of the hottest styles. However, streetwear is the only style that has managed to remain popular as well as hot.

Streetwear is not only about skate and beach culture, but it’s also much more than that. The style records a great demand across the globe. Several of the big fashion houses have ventured into making streetwear styles and fashions to keep up with the high demand for what the world needs.

In the past years, people considered streetwear clothing to be just sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, sneakers, baseball caps, and jackets. Nevertheless, with the new evolution every day and luxury brands rising, the style for streetwear has been altered and encompassed more new designs, fabrics, and colors to the streetwear culture. Unlike in the past, high-tech fabrics and other classic materials such as leather, satin, and wool are part of the streetwear. The trend now has dresses, skirts, skirts, and various shirts fitting in fashion styles.

Also, streetwear has a variety of hot trends for men, women, as well as children. The outfits range from outdoor performance gear, baggy cuts, to over-engineered sneakers. With the many brands weaving streetwear, you can find these outfits in any city or state.

There are several of these brands that range from luxury houses to retail brands. Whether you want expensive streetwear or outfits that will suit your small budget, you are sure to get a suitable brand for you. Examples of the best brands making streetwear across the world are:

Fashion Nova

In conclusion, you can dress in a simple, casual, and comfortable outfits and still look luxurious and classic with streetwear. It is quite clear that the whole world is turning to streetwear fashion and style, so you should not be left out. Any outfit you need, you can get it right in the street next to you.



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