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Do’s and Don’ts for a Classy Look
“Always classy, never trashy,” that’s how the phrase goes. But, as women of the millennial era, you can be whoever the f*** you want to…
- Yesenia Garcia

“Always classy, never trashy,” that’s how the phrase goes. But, as women of the millennial era, you can be whoever the f*** you want to be!

However, if you are trying to add some class to your fits, Instagram is a great place to get some inspiration.

Of course, social media comes with it’s pros and cons, but that all depends on how you use it. And while some influencers’ feeds are questionable there’s so many that provide us with great and useful content, especially in the realm of fashion. Instagram is saturated with fashion feeds, like this one:

Thanyaw’s Instagram@thanyaw – Thanyaw’s Instagram focuses completely on fashion for everyday wear and style. (And I don’t know if it’s just me, but no matter what she wears she always seems to look classy!)

Profiles like Thanyaw’s are one of the positives of social media for me. It has inspired me for sure!

Personally, I love a more elegant, classy, put-together look. But what that looks like will depend on the person.

For example, to me a skirt above the knees may be classy but to my best friend, that’s not a good look.

Regardless of what your style is, there are a few simple rules you can follow to keep it classy.

Here are some classy DO’S and DON’TS:

1. Hide that panty line!


Kim K is going commandoHide that panty line by wearing spanks or one of Kim K’s undergarments, SKIMS. This will give you a much cleaner look and will make your peach look more shapely while leaving something to the imagination… Maybe Kim K is going commando? →



← If it looks bad on the Kardashians it looks bad on us, honey!




2. Bra vs Bralette Expose

This one is tricky, because the sheer blouse and undergarment is a LOOK. But, there is a classy way to pull it off.

fashion with tasteA simple bra works and I don’t think it looks bad, but it’s not something I would wear in front of my parents. So, a simple way to know if you’re keeping it classy is- if you would wear it in front of parents then it’s classy. But, if you have to think twice about it… it’s probably not the classiest. →

← Here’s a much better way to style a see-through or sheer blouse, wear a bralette or a cute crop top underneath. See the difference? It’s subtle but really elevates the classiness of the look.




3. Beware of showing underboob!

Kylie Jenner fashionFirst, let me say Kylie looks f***** hot! So, I’m not here to say the underboob look doesn’t work because  #WomenSupportingWomen. But, this look might be best kept for the club and I recommend using it sparingly. →

fashion with tastePersonally, it’s a bit risque for me and would leave me too exposed. But, it’s still a sexy trend if you’re confident and comfortable enough to rock it! However, there’s an alternative way to show some skin and guarantee that you’re keeping it classy.

← Do this instead. A two-piece outfit like this one is sexy yet classy, and even elegant!

4. Keep it natural!

Eyelash extensions are a huge trend right now and I absolutely love them. The trick is making them look big and full without looking obviously fake.


← This will help to bring out your natural beauty.

I’m not a makeup artist but a fake eyelash is meant to bring out your eyes by making them look bigger and more captivating, but extra big eyelashes can distract from the beauty of your eyes and draw too much attention to the fakeness of your lashes. →beauty

A more subtle look, can go a long way.


There are plenty of Do’s and Don’ts for keeping it classy. Like paying attention to clothing length and cut. But ultimately, it’s up to whatever floats your boat, sis.



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